Why Was A 19-Year-Old Black Man Shot By Police On Williamson Street In Madison?

This time the headlines came home.

Not only to the city I live in and love so very much, but right to our neighborhood.  Only a few blocks away from where I like to gaze out at the lake and contemplate life and read good books the life of a black 19-year-old man ended.   Tony Robinson was shot five times by an officer after a series of reported happenings that ended with an assault on that officer.

Needless to say there is lots of anger in the area and also a great deal of sadness.  Though the shooting took place about 6:30 P.M. it was not for another nearly three hours before James and I learned of it.  We were watching a movie and having a relaxing Friday evening.  But once I found out the news my mind would not release the question about how a 19-year-old man came to such a crazy ending of his life.

Spring is about to bust loose and Robinson’s life was just really starting.   Whatever was troubling this young man need not have consumed him.   Nothing is ever so bad that reckless and mindless decisions are ever the only route forward.  Why is it so hard for the young to know?

It was impossible for me to let these thoughts go.   At 1:30 A.M. after reading and not still being able to sleep I turned my computer on and ventured into social media to get more information.

While many expressed words of concern and sadness like I was feeling there were also shrill voices that wanted angry folks to come to Williamson Street and “get boots on the ground.”  As if there was not enough chaos and grief the idea of adding some angry protestors to the mix seemed not only idiotic but also callous.  At some point I had watched enough videos and read enough words.

None of them, however, had resolved even one iota the question that still hits deep today.

Why?  Why?  Why?

Something went terribly wrong last night but until we know the scenario of events we are not able to pass judgment. Was it a police officer who took a wrong action on duty or was it a man who made some poor choices?  We just do not know at this time. Until we do know it is best if we act in a mature fashion and reason this out like adults.

It will take some time, but it is a journey we must start as a community.

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