VIDEO: Gun Violence Starts Morning As Two TV Journalists Shot Dead On Air

Out of control gun violence again makes news as two television journalists were shot dead on the air this morning in Virginia.

To say this is shocking and sickening is like spitting into the wind that blows off Lake Monona.    We all should be outraged and royally pissed off that this bloody senseless slaughter continues because some whiney NRA types can not fathom how to deal with their short penis and so need to carry weapons.   I am not sure what needs to happen to wake this nation up.

For now WDBJ7 TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were killed during an interview in Moneta, Bedford County.  They paid the price so the NRA can tout their lies and spin their crap.

We must do better as a nation to stop this violence from guns.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Gun Violence Starts Morning As Two TV Journalists Shot Dead On Air

  1. You really need to grow up. To blame the NRA every time is as childish of an act as it gets. The person responsible for the killings are the shooter and no one else, but that is the problem with liberals they do not deal in facts they only deal in emotion. To use a tragedy like this as a soapbox for your hate of the Second Amendment is sad but very expected from someone like you.

  2. pk,

    I assume you will be giving some cash for the coffin and burial costs for the victims of the gun violence which you so warmly endorse and wish to see continue based on your lack of any rational thought you ever provide to the matter.

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