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Is Ben Carson Continually Stoned?

October 16, 2015

The sad fact is that Donald Trump looks downright intelligent when placed next to the low-talker–(recall the Seinfeld episode dealing with the same problem)– and wing-nut Ben Carson.   Carson is not only inept in the world of policy but is dangerous.  His statements recently about the need to have guns to make sure tyrants are not allowed to take over the nation made it seem those tyrants are in power now and need to be dealt with.  It was just another insane and outlandish comment from one who is playing to the uneducated and unruly crowd in America.

But this morning it was Sen. Lindsey Graham who may have best summed up the feelings of so many around the nation when trying to grasp what is it about Carson that some find compelling.

Graham said on Morning Joe that,  “He’s a lovely man, he’s a great doctor, and everybody else thinks we suck.  That’s all I know what to tell you.  I can’t understand what he’s saying half the time.  He’s a brilliant guy but I don’t think he has a clue about what’s going on in the Mideast.  So what can I say?  I don’t know.”

I totally agree with Graham that it is hard to understand Carson.

To me it appears that Carson is always stoned and just about to ask if anyone has some snacks he can wolf down as he comes off his high.  While I know the gravity of political reality will deal with this buffoon as the primary season unfolds it is just very unsettling to see his act play out at a time when we need to have a serious conversation about a host of issues facing the nation.

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