International Reaction To President Trump’s Racist “S…hole” Comment Is Accurate

Paul Altidor, Haiti’s ambassador to the U.S., per NYT’s Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche): “I just talked to Haiti’s Ambassador to the United States Paul Altidor who said he and the Haitian government ‘vehemently condemn’ President Trump’s comments which they believe are ‘based on stereotypes.’ ‘Either the president has been misinformed or he is miseducated.‘”

Mach Sall, president of Senegal said, “I am shocked by the words of President Trump on Haiti and Africa. I reject them and condemns vigorously. Africa and the black race deserves the respect and consideration of all. MS”.

From Bostswana: “Botswana has accepted U.S. citizens within her borders over the years and continues to host US guests and senior government officials, including a Congressional delegation that will come to Botswana at the end of this month…; that is why we view the utterances by the current American President as highly irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.”

Rupert Colville, spokesman for the U.N. commissioner for human rights: “If confirmed, these are shocking and shameful comments from the president of the United States. I’m sorry but there is no other word I can use but ‘racist.'”

“The African Union continental body told The Associated Press it was ‘frankly alarmed’ by Trump’s comments. ‘Given the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the United States as slaves, this statement flies in the face of all accepted behavior and practice,'”AU spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo said.

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