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Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty Must Resign—Now

March 31, 2018

There is no room for this behavior.  None.

Connecticut Democratic Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty must resign at once for actions that can, in no way, be condoned.  The Washington Post reports in detailed account how Esty did not act when she found out her chief of staff threatened to murder a woman who worked in the office.  To make matters even more bizarre Esty also wrote the man a letter of recommendation!

In every step of the process this congresswoman failed her staff.  As a former staff member to an elected official I can state most clearly that it is the duty of the top person to make sure the work environment is safe and and free of threats.  Therefore for Esty, in any manner, shape, or form seek to protect an alleged abuser is nothing short of a career-ending move.

This news of Esty is completely unacceptable.

The Democratic leadership must–at once–yank the chain and demand her resignation.

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