Trump Voters Now To Find Jobs As “No Experience Necessary”

From the conservative Wall Street Journal comes good news for those angry white men who wanted to blame their employment woes on President Obama and all things related to China.

“Candidates have so many options today,” said Amy Glaser, senior vice president of Adecco Group, a staffing agency with about 10,000 company clients in search of employees. “If a company requires a degree, two rounds of interviews and a test for hard skills, candidates can go down the street to another employer who will make them an offer that day.”

Ms. Glaser estimates one in four of the agency’s employer clients have made drastic changes to their recruiting process since the start of the year, such as skipping drug tests or criminal background checks, or removing preferences for a higher degree or high-school diploma.

In other words, all those white men who voted for Donald Trump now have places to apply for work.  America is great when a person with no education or skills can be plucked off the street and given a task that a sixth grader could accomplish.   Bubba’s minimum qualifications which landed him a job will be part of the talk from his bar-stool real soon.  Yee-ha! 

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