Press Restrictions At Kim Meeting Caused By Donald Trump

If you thought the dictator of North Korea might have been the reason for tensions with the right of journalists to do their job this week in Vietnam, well, you would be wrong.  The press who were to cover the events concerning the meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump were disrupted by of all people, an American.  (An under-educated one for sure.)

The White House restricted press access Wednesday to portions of Trump’s summit with Kim.  Four American journalists were barred from covering Trump’s dinner with Kim after two of the reporters called out questions to Trump at an earlier appearance.  Oh, the travesty of a president being asked for accountability!

Reporters from the Associated Press and Reuters had asked about Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress, along with queries about North Korean denuclearization during a “pool spray” with Trump and Kim.  Not able to respond with any clarity Trump fumed.

Not able to grasp that reporters have a job to do, or recognizing that Americans have a right to know the actions of their leaders, Trump struck back in his usual childlike way.  With little hands flailing he took action so that ultimately, just one print reporter from the pool of 13 journalists that shadows Trump on foreign trips, was allowed into the subsequent dinner meeting between Trump and Kim.

There is little room left to wonder why we smirk and are so dismissive of Trump.  He is contemptible.

And as result he looks even smaller.  His hands might even disappear from view!