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Canopy Nightclub Still Creating Headlines

February 21, 2020

I come from a background where words, and the way they are used and presented, have always been of importance.  From radio broadcasting,  crafting press releases when in the state legislature, or prepping a legislator or sheriff candidate for press availabilities, there was always the awareness that the key was to try and predict what others may ask and wish to know about.  Knowing what might be asked, and then how to respond, is central to public relations.

And when that prep work is not anywhere to be seen it leaves readers and viewers shaking their head.  That is what one is left doing after reading the latest news from a local television station about Canopy Nightclub—which received zero votes in support from this week’s ALRC meeting.

Would-be proprietor Austin Carl put out a statement that should have been edited by anyone with any insight into public relations, and how to craft a message.

“….not only am I a veteran, and a DJ, I’m a full-time electrical engineering student that is also taking business classes. It was very frustrating to see members at the ALRC undervalue my achievements.”

Might the ALRC need to witness the required skills and experience, along with a solid business plan dealing with parking, security, and noise in place before the end of those business classes?   Blaming the ALRC is not the way to win friends and influence those one needs when wishing to create a business.

I think Carl is sincere and probably a nice man with a dream.  In some ways, I want to see him prevail with some venture,  but it needs to be grounded in the essential fundamentals of a well-developed business plan.  (But not a nightclub in a residential community.  The blowback on that idea was impossible to have missed.)  When the essentials of a plan are in ink there must be a PR person hired with a knack for messaging.   The absence of such for his team allowed for interviews and statements that have not served Carl well.

I, for one, think a coffee type cafe with additional amenities would be a delight in our neighborhood.   Jazz on Friday nights and blues on Saturdays…but not amplified.  A place to enjoy music and chats.  Not even requiring a liquor license!

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