Being Classy Matters In Politics

On Friday we observed the two-year anniversary of President Biden taking the oath of office. History will recall that in spite of the lift of the nation for reason and sanity, there was a stark reminder of how it all played out in ways not seen since John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Johnson were alive.

There is a classy way to conduct oneself when turning over power at the White House, and then there are those who act like petulant rubes. As such, two years ago when Joe Biden took the oath of office, we did not see the likes of the photo from 2017 when President Obama and First Lady Michelle welcomed Trump to the White House on the inauguration morning.

Or previously in 2009 when President and Mrs. Bush welcomed the incoming First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama. When class is on display it is clearly demonstrated, and sadly, the same is true when it is severely lacking.

Over the decades of reading history, it is clear that a politician’s character is best observed not when the election victories are secured but rather when defeat needs to be faced. That is when people are made aware of the true nature of someone they otherwise may not honestly know.

We are undoubtedly very aware of who Donald Trump is and what constitutes his character. Showing class would not be one of the words attributed to him.

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