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First Presidential Debate A Draw, Good Show But No Home Run

September 27, 2008

After the presidential debate was over last night we put on our shoes and went for a walk.  By the time we got back I was not in the mood to blog, and so it is the morning after and I am now here with a few thoughts. 

Before I get to the actual debate one word about the backdrop that was used last evening.  What were all the words to have said…..that no one could possibly have read or made out.  In all my years of watching debates that was highly annoying.

It is also important to note that the moderator last night, Jim Lehrer, was superb!  He is a national treasure, and PBS can be proud again of sending one of their best to handle the first presidential debate.

It is clear that the first debate was a good one, and I would be hard pressed to say that either candidate won.  That in and of itself, as I told James on the walk, might be the problem for McCain. 

McCain was a bit nervous it seemed to me at the beginning, and might have been uncomfortable with the economic questions.  But when the debate turned to foreign affairs I felt he put his ideas forth and was doing what he needed to do each time he had the speaking time.  He seemed edgy at times, and perhaps was tired.  He did not smile enough, or seem gracious in his demeanor. 

Barack Obama seemed more at ease during the whole debate and I think did two things that he needed to complete in the debate.  He needed to show that he could lead, and with the facts punctuating each sentence during his speaking time, he showed a real command of the issues.  In addition, I think that he proved he was personable, polite, and met the ‘character test’ that so many Americans seem to want their President to pass.

The problem, as I told James, is that the polls before the debate showed that McCain was in trouble and so needed to hit the ball out of the park in the debate.  That did not happen, and so while I think there was no winner of the debate, as it was that good, the outcome of a draw is not good news for the Republicans.

Now it is time for the polls to show over the next few days what the public thinks about the debate.

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  1. September 27, 2008 9:34 AM

    sad think about Newman.

    That’s exactly what I pointed out — no homeruns!

  2. September 27, 2008 9:09 AM

    Paul Newman, one of the greatest actors and humanitarians just died.

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