Father Of Two Powerful Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Wants To Head State Patrol

Should one who was trounced in a county-wide sheriff’s race this past year be placed into the position to head Wisconsin’s State Patrol?  Should he use his powerful sons in the State Legislature to get the job?  Should one be embarrassed enough to not even try for a job when knowing it will look overtly political on its face?

Just asking.

There are times when one has to just stand back and be amazed at the audacity exhibited by others.  This would be one of those times.

At age 68, and with a few feathers already in his hat, I suggest Stephen Fitzgerald not use his sons’ political positions to leverage himself a job.  It makes him look small, and it makes the process seem smarmy.

Appearances matter, and no matter how one dices this story it ends in the same way.  No one comes out looking good.

One of his sons serves as Assembly Speaker, and the other son serves as Senate Majority leader.   Good taste might dictate that the father take a step back and let public service  be handled by the newer generation of Fitzgeralds. 

The father of the state’s two most powerful lawmakers is seeking to serve as the head of the State Patrol under Gov. Scott Walker.

Stephen Fitzgerald, 68, has served as Dodge County sheriff and a U.S. marshal in the Western District of Wisconsin – a position he left in May. His sons – Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) – took over the top positions in their respective houses following Republican victories in November’s elections.

Walker, also a Republican, confirmed Monday that Stephen Fitzgerald was seeking the State Patrol job after soundly losing a GOP primary in September to return to his former job as Dodge County sheriff.

3 thoughts on “Father Of Two Powerful Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Wants To Head State Patrol

  1. Kelly

    This type of article is just what is wrong with the liberal media –
    have you checked Steve’s credentials? I highly doubt that anyone else is as well
    qualified -what does age and success have to do with qualifications?
    losing the Sheriff’s election has nothing to do with being qualifed for this State
    Patrol position – do you really think Scott Walker would pick a candidate for
    this job just because his sons are in powerful positions in the legislature?
    I highly doubt it – he is not that type of Governor – now, our last Governor?
    Most definintely – he was one who created a lot of mistrust! He answered to the
    powerful unions , especially the teachers union!
    Seriously – if you know Steve Fitzgerald, you know he is well qualified for the position and
    has no intention of retiring – same as some of the Senators that have been in their
    positions for years – if they are doing a good job, more power to them!
    This type of negativity just proves how desperate the Democrats are to smear the
    newly elected Republicans….the people have spoken and want a change! ‘
    Get over it!!!

  2. Bev

    I guess Marv and I have been under a rock with the snow this week. Are you kidding me? Steve Fitzgerald was our county sheriff here in Dodge County for a number of years. To say that the police department was poorly run and a good old boys club would be compliment to how it was actually functioning. He left the county high and dry when he decided to go to D.C. Todd Nehls stepped up and brought the county back up to speed — yes, it took money to do so, but it was steps that should have been taken long before and would have cost a hell of a lot less if they had been done by Fitzgerald when they were supposed to have been done.

    While I’m not a Republican, most of those in Dodge County are, and they are the type that will welcome an aging prodical son home over the wet-behind-the-ears kid if given the chance -and being a Bush crony makes you golden! The fact that Fitzgerald lost so bad to Nehls is a testiment to him by those that would have been his biggest supports.

    While I will give the man the credit that he does have the resume that would be perfect for the position, there is still much to be desired here and Walker would be a smart man to look elsewhere for the position.

  3. josh

    “Dodge County sheriff Stephen Fitzgerald compared the 1995 shooting of Scott Bryant to a hunting accident. ”

    Nothing like a botched drug raid to make a political future — no notice of entry by police, sleeping 8 y.o. boy in the next room while a detective that can’t even remember the incident shot the man in the chest and killed him, and the only evidence were marijuana traces in a communal dumpster.

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