Willy Street Co-Op Not To Allow Guns In Store

I can report after speaking with management this morning that the Willy Street Co-op (all three locations) will not allow concealed carry weapons into their stores.

I had stopped in several times at the Co-op over the past weeks and inquired into how matters were proceeding with coming to a decision about how to deal with the new state law allowing gun slingers of every stripe to carry a weapon.

This morning I was told that a sign will be posted in the appropriate place to allow everyone to know the co-op is not allowing guns on the premises.

I was concerned about the safety of shoppers and local residents who use the co-op as a place to assemble and catch up on the latest news with friends, as well as a place to buy groceries.  There will be little doubt in this neighborhood about the wisdom of the decision by the co-op.

The Marquette Neighborhood understands the pure  partisan politics of why concealed carry was passed by the Republican-led legislature.  They may have passed it, but we do not need to swallow it.

Thanks to the Willy Street Co-Op for doing what the people wanted!

8 thoughts on “Willy Street Co-Op Not To Allow Guns In Store

  1. Skip

    Just curious – do you ever travel to other states that already have concealed carry? If so, do you fear for your life there? Do you worry about going to a museum or restaurant in those states?

  2. Skip

    No, I’m not in disagreement with the Co-op over this matter but it’s sad that you’re so paranoid. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go to another state and, instead of relaxing on vacation, to be constantly fearing for one’s life.

    Are you thinking of moving to Illinois to escape what would appear to be a tremulous existence for you here? If not, do you think you’ll spend more time at home when the law takes effect next month?

  3. Steve Adams

    Gun slingers of every stripe ??? Good grief man, get a grip !!!!

    I’m curious as to how the co-op is going to enforce this policy. Hire airport TSA search experts ? Install metal detectors?? Strip search customers ?? If a customer, or a hundred of them are properly carrying a concealed weapon ( and I’m guessing you are including brass knuckles, pocket knives, rolls of quarters, figernail files, etc.) you could be surrounded by them every day and never know it.

    Think about this… The co-op puts up a sign saying “No concealed weapons allowed”. Will they then also put up a sign that says “Weapon free zone – criminals welcome to carry out their illegal activities herein” ? But then, that’s redundant – they both say the same thing. I live in a state that has no concealed carry permit required… Every citizen of legal age is permitted to carry concealed. This law has been in effect for years…and I know this is going to make you tear up… but there have been no reported problems as a result.

    American by Birth, Alaskan by Choice. Oh, yah, and I’m one of those gunslingers you so fear – but you didn’t fear me carring the same gun in Hancock and Waushara County as a police officer. Think about it !

  4. Skip,

    I just am not pleased with the gun culture and use this slice of cyber-space to make my feelings known. I just happen to find the number of guns deaths in the nation to really a most awful statement about our society.

  5. Lots of folks are upset with the number of booze-related deaths in our country. Do you think that banning liquor is the best way to deal with that problem?

    Don’t get me wrong…I understand your fears and concerns. I just don’t think not allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves is the proper solution.

  6. I think its fine to agree with the Co-op’s policy, but Skip’s right in this case. You’re comments do come off as a little bit more paranoid than necessary. I grew up in Connecticut where the right to “bear arms in defense of himself and the state” was codified in 1665 in our Royal Charter. In my 25 years living in Connecticut I was never shot at the supermarket.

    That said, we also have strong permit and training rules. If Wisconsin hadn’t adopted permitting and training I’d be just as paranoid as you.

  7. Skip

    “I just am not pleased with the gun culture and use this slice of cyber-space to make my feelings known. I just happen to find the number of guns deaths in the nation to really a most awful statement about our society.”

    I get that but you’ve avoided my questions.

    You said that you fear for your life when you go to other states that have CC. CC will be legal here soon. I am simply curious as to how you will deal with the quotidian fear for your life come next month. It seems that such a situation would be terrible.

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