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What Part Of ‘Being Governor’ Does Scott Walker Not Understand?

May 3, 2012

I know there are often confusing statements by elected officials and politicians which can be over analyzed and commented on by the press and bloggers.  If every word you and I uttered were recorded and played back there would he blunders to fill a stadium.

But then there are statements by politicians like Scott Walker which are so rich that they demand to be talked about, and in the case below followed up on by the press.

At issue is the search for an answer as to why Scott Walker has been allowed to set up a legal defense fund to pay expenses related to an ongoing investigation.  What is so confusing about the matter, and why some answer needs to be forthcoming is that state law is rather specific about when defense funds can be established by an elected official.

Officeholders, such as Walker, may only set up such a fund if they’ve been charged with a crime, or are under investigation for violations connected to campaign finance or election laws.

Few answers are flowing from the East Wing, but one illuminating comment was released to the press.

It is utterly amazing.

Walker earlier told reporters after an unrelated news conference that he’s simply relying on his defense team to deal with administrative issues that he doesn’t have time to handle.

“I don’t think the voters of Wisconsin want me to spend hours and hours and hours looking through tens of thousands of emails and documents. I think they want me to be the governor,” he said.

Here is the problem with the comment.

If Scott Walker is so concerned about ‘being governor’ then why isn’t he home creating the jobs he promised, instead of running around the country raising campaign cash and defense money?  Why is Walker more interested in speaking to conservatives around the nation than speaking to the state legislature about venture capital, and state mining?  What makes the folks af the NRA national convention more exciting than dealing with unemployment in Wausau?

What part of ‘being governor’ does Walker not understand?

One has to ask the question given the glaring opening that Walker created by his own statement to the press.

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  1. CommonCents permalink
    May 5, 2012 4:58 PM

    “independentthinker” makes a good point. Walker can set up a defense fund to support defending his agents. But, if his agents, like Tim Russell, were not acting on his behalf, why is he setting up a defense fund to help defend them? Walker denies knowing of wrongdoing by former top aides (agents). Which is it, Scott, they acted as your agents or they acted independently? The Governor’s actions speak louder than his words.

  2. independentthinker permalink
    May 5, 2012 8:46 AM

    There is no story here. Read the law authorizing legal defense funds: 11.64(1)
    “Any candidate or public official who is being investigated for, charged with or convicted of a criminal violation of this chapter or ch. 12, or whose agent is so investigated, charged or convicted, may establish a defense fund for expenditures supporting or defending the candidate or agent, or any dependent of the candidate or agent, while that person is being investigated for, or while the person is charged with or convicted of a criminal violation of this chapter or ch. 12. ”

    Read the words “or whose agent is so investigated”. Everyone in Wisconsin who has followed this investigation knows that it is only news because the individuals involved may have been “agents” of Walker in his role as county executive, or as candidate, or both. This is explicitly allowed under the law.

  3. windy33 permalink
    May 4, 2012 6:47 AM

    gotta wonder if the koch brothers has the news media in their back pocket as well.

  4. skip1930 permalink
    May 4, 2012 6:06 AM

    Speaking of Scotty.

    The good Gov. Scott Walker flew in to our Sturgeon Bay Aeroport yesterday. Waiting for him was one State Trooper ‘Honey Bear’ and one guy Trooper.
    Walker with two people, one black one white and a pilot for the King Air 350 stepped out of the plane in the heavy rain.

    They walked into our new terminal building and my boss, his sectary, me and Randy from Harv’s Electric all shook hands with Scott.

    As I shook his hand I said to the Gov. in my best Scottish Star Trek fake accent,

    ” Scotty. You’ll survive the recall. No problem. ” And with that I touched his arm and said again, ” Your doing a fine job. keep up the good work. ” Scott looked at me and eye ball to eye ball he said, ” I appreciate that. Thank you very much. ” And with that he was given a tour of the terminal building by the boss.

    That was so cool.

    The Troopers piled into their unmarked brown trooper Ford car and the Gov and his party climbed into our old Ford Taurus aeroport courteous station wagon and went to Leythem Smith Lodge for a ground breaking ceremony on what was left of the old Golf course. You see an ‘Old Folks’ thing-a-ma-gig is going to be built on the land.

    An hour and a half later they flew away.


  5. CommonCents permalink
    May 3, 2012 10:03 PM

    Amen! If most the media were not so lazy, they too would be aking these questions.

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