Who Does Not Love A Polar Bear Story?

I do love my polar bears.  Black and brown bears, too.   So when I read this story there was no doubt it had to be posted.

In an ultra ‘Only in Canada’ story, outside trick-or-treating has been banned in a Nunavut town for fear of polar bears, yes, polar bears.

According to the Nunatsiaq News agency, children in Arviat will be trick-or-treating indoors this year to avoid the possibility of running into polar bears on their town’s streets.

The local news source explains that the small town has grown a reputation as the polar bear capital of Nunavut. A point that is particularly true in October, when bears begin to make their fall migration North.

Even this summer, according to Nunatsiaq News, the small town had to issue a rare July warning after polar bears were spotted eating at the local dump and wandering through the community of about 2,300 residents.

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