So I Filled Out Americans For Prosperity Survey…

I had a free minute as the weather was not yet being given on the late local news.   So I offered my thoughts to an online survey for Americans For Prosperity.   Talk about a push poll! Or should I say a snow job! One that was only concerned about collecting names for future mailings.

Americans for Prosperity is seeking the opinions of Americans like you from across the country.

In your own words, can you tell us what you believe is best about the direction in which our country is heading?

The nation is heading in the wrong direction. An entire political party has ceded any responsibility to the nation and only shows a willingness to carry water for Trump who is xenophobic, undermines alliances, opposes free trade, and seeks to undermine the faith of the nation in institutional norms.

Which kinds of resource, guides, reports, or other might you be interested in


If you chose “Other” from the list above, please explain below:

I would ask that basic civics books be paid for from your organization and handed out at the gates to the White House and also to each office of Republican congressmen and senators.

Is there anything else you would like us to know or consider?

Walking with your head down in a sign of remorse to the nation you have undermined. As for the voters, we will just shun you as you pass.