Hating Hispanics Is Costly, Fremont Nebraska Backtracks

There is sweet justice in this. 

If the folks of Fremont, Nebraska want to hate immigrants they are going to have to pay for it.   The residents of this small town now understand the financial ruin if they allowed hate and bigotry to win.  So guess what is about to happen?

Seems like when the rule of law in the form of court cases stood up to the windbags in Fremont lots of conversions to doing what was right among the townsfolk took place.  Funny how the wallet is now more important than being bigoted.  Hmmm.   This is just all amusing to me. 

I do however think the saved money from court fights should be shoved into education in Fremont to prevent another embarrassing event like this from happening in the future.

A voter-approved ban on hiring and renting property to illegal immigrants was suspended late Tuesday by the Fremont City Council, less than two days before it was set to take effect in the eastern Nebraska city.

Council members voted 8-0 to delay the ordinance that is being challenged by two federal lawsuits, saying the move will save the city money in legal costs that officials have said could average $1 million a year.

About 100 people attended the meeting, including some who said the ordinance has already led to divisiveness.

“This law is not yet in effect, but it is increasing conflict and discrimination,” Lesley Velez, 20, of Fremont told city council members.

Terry Flanagan, a Fremont resident who supports the ban, said the council shouldn’t second guess voters: “The citizens of Fremont have spoken. We should not delay this,” he said.

The council narrowly rejected the ban in 2008, prompting supporters to gather enough signatures for the ballot measure. Voters approved the ban last month and it was scheduled to take effect Thursday.

But the city faces lawsuits from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund, which both expected to ask a federal judge Wednesday to temporarily block the ban from taking effect. After Tuesday’s vote, the ACLU of Nebraska said its attorneys and the city plan to use the hearing to ask the judge to block the ordinance pending a final court resolution.

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