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Super Bowl Ads Sell For $3.5 Million Per 30-Seconds, Millions Without Health Insurance

September 6, 2011

This story about the Super Bowl makes me think of the local coverage last week by WISC-TV concerning the amount of money spent on home games when the UW-Badgers play at Madison’s Camp Randall.

Over $18 million dollars are generated per home football  game for Madison.  The average person who attends a home game spends roughly $240, and that does not include the cost of the game ticket.  That is a tremendous amount of cash floating from once source to another.

That is fine with me if people want to attend a game and eat nachos.  No problem.

But while I see the willingness to pay $4.00 for a small beer while watching a game I also hear that this nation can not pay for programs to make sure all Americans have health care coverage.  We all hear the same shameful news stories about health care. 

So when I read about these uses of cash for sports it makes me aware (again) that there is not a shortage of funds in this nation, but a lack of knowledge about how we should set priorities.

As USA Today reported this morning in spite of the NFL’s first game yet to be even played this season, there are just five, 30-second Super Bowl ad slots — at a record $3.5 million each —  left to be bought.

Thankfully, the players have health insurance.

Do all the viewers?

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  1. Patrick permalink
    September 6, 2011 6:14 PM

    Who are the owners of these profit hungry companies: most likely institutional pension funds and other mutual fund holders.

    But if government were to confiscate the money used to pay for these adds, each add could also pay for just under 14 jobs. Of course I wonder how many people work in the add agencies who put these often entertaining and artistic adds together.

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