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This Prompts A Woody Allen Question

January 11, 2017

So I am reading and stumble across this written by Woody Allen in The New York Times Book Review.

Life is so unfair. I tore up the old linoleum in a grungy apartment I rented years ago and found under it only schmutz, hardened chewing gum and a torn ticket stub to “Moose Murders.” Ed Sorel tears up the old linoleum in his apartment and finds yellowing newspapers with headlines screaming about a scandal that gave him material for a terrific book.

How is it that Woody Allen years ago lived in a grungy apartment?  Most of my life Allen has been a noted writer, actor, and neurotic though it may be, personality.  Unless by ‘years ago’ he referred to his college days or early start I find it hard to see Allen in grunge.   I would have altered the phrase.

On a related note this week James and I watched the Allen directed film Interiors.  There is so much beige in the film that when a woman with a vivacious personality enters wearing a red dress one almost wants to stand and cheer.  Wishing to live a life of one’s own is never easy in this film.

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