Call To Action Regarding Bishop Robert Morlino Denying Funeral Rites To Gay Men And Women

It takes a lot in this day and age to make me feel stunned.  But last week when it was reported that Bishop Robert Morlino was pushing the idea that gay men and women should not receive the church’s funeral rites I was simply shocked.   This is even more than a fiction writer would think possible in a plot creation.  But the fact is evil Bishop Morlino has plotted again and again all sorts of ways to allow for church-sponsored hatred of gay men and women to be sanctioned.

And it must end.  Once and for all.

Therefore there is an effort underway–and even spearheaded by one I most often very much disagree with–to send a clear message that Morlino has stepped far beyond the line with his latest actions.  

Please take these actions over the next 2 days.

1. EMAIL A LETTER TO THE EDITOR to the Madison Newspapers, the Catholic Herald and CC Catholic Leadership. Brief is fine. Email addresses are below. A few points we are trying to make:

– Canon law has evolved over time to suit the church’s needs
– the church needs to stop practicing unkindness and bigotry if it wishes to survive
– Bishops have discretion
– Bishop Morlino has a 14 year history of using his discretion to wield power and hatred against women, LGBTQI, and those who point out his excessiveness.
– Love and kindness must lead. He’s got to go. 

Newspaper Email Addresses:

Catholic Leadership Addresses: 

  1. READ AND SHARE ARTICLES in #3. Share on Facebook, twitter and email.  3. ARTICLES TO SHARE:
    LETTER TO THE EDITOR – 18 YEAR OLD MADDIE RAFFEL—-maddie-raffel/article_3a626edb-ec0e-5a44-8fa5-c643d796aae1.html WKOW 27 – THOUSANDS SIGN PETITION WSJ – No surprise that Bishop Robert Morlino and Co. imperil Christianity’s good name, again

    NBC15 – Petition to Remove Madison Bishop

    National Catholic Online – Injustice and Unkindness Even In Death

    Deke Rivers Catholic Hatred For Deceased Gay People Pumped By Bishop Morlino

    4. HOW TO TWEET THEM – if you have a twitter account, please tweet the articles in #3 and be sure to include the twitter addresses below at the beginning of your message. The first address is the Pope, the second is Catholic Leadership, the third is Vatican News, the fourth is channel 27. 

    @pontifex @usccb @vatican en @wkow27 

    @pontifex @usccb @vatican en @wkow27 18 year old writes youth is leaving the church over Bishop Morlino—-maddie-raffel/article_3a626edb-ec0e-5a44-8fa5-c643d796aae1.html

    5. SIGN AND SHARE A THIS PETITION TOO authored by DignityUSA.

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