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Why Impeachment Proceedings Must Begin Against William Barr

June 27, 2020

This week I was sent the following copy of a letter (below) which was submitted to Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum.  Over the weeks the mounting evidence as to why Attorney General William Barr is unfit for office due to undermining law and order, along with lowering the dignity of his office has grown to proportions requiring action from Congress.

I am most sad that Barr has lowered his conduct to the degree that it is now incumbent upon Congress to consider his impeachment.  He was long known as having high standards and his resume demonstrated political accomplishments.  But like so many others who orbited too closely to Donald Trump, there is now only a slimed name and a ruined reputation that results.  Corruption is now what Barr is known for, and that is how the final national chapter of his life will always be remembered.

I love movies about the mob, with The Godfather being one of my top ten all-time favorite films.  There is no way to not see that Barr is the ultimate consigliere, serving Trump to the exclusion of the national needs.  I never actually thought anyone would lower themselves to that level in that office during this time in our nation.

Just one more stunning example of illiberal democratic actions, and how easily one sells away their credibility.

Now to the letter that should be read regarding why Barr must be impeached.

Dear Rep. McCollum,

I am writing to urge your support for impeaching Attorney General William Barr.

I am not alone. Many well-informed individuals agree, including many former U.S. attorneys. In February, over 1,100 U.S. attorneys said that the Attorney General should resign (see NY Times article, here.)

Just this week, at the House Judiciary Committee hearing, former Deputy Attorney General, Donald Ayer, said that Barr “poses the greatest threat in my lifetime to our rule of law.”

Even more, he stated: ““It’s very important that we recognize what’s happening now,” Ayer said. “What’s happening now is much worse than what happened in Watergate — much worse. It’s across-the-board. It’s a systematic effort to undo the checks that were put in place in Watergate and others that existed in the Constitution. And we need to do something about it.”

Additionally, as noted in the Washington Post, “Aaron Zelinsky, an assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland formerly detailed to the Russia investigation by special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III, told the panel that prosecutors involved in the criminal trial of Trump’s friend Roger Stone experienced “heavy pressure from the highest levels of the Department of Justice” to give Stone “a break” by requesting a lighter sentence.”

As Rep. Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and so many others aptly expressed during the Impeachment hearings of President Trump: “No one is above the law.”

I know impeachment fatigue and Trump fatigue has set in a long time ago and that the Senate will not impeach Barr. But, as with President Trump, if nothing is done — then, a precedent will have been established so that Barr and others with a distorted view of public service will flout the law. 

Trump is not a king. He is not our nation’s top cop, jury, judge, budget maker, and law-maker. And, neither is Attorney General Barr. In order for our democracy to be a functioning democracy — We must say: No, this is wrong and we will not let it stand. If we don’t, the rule of law will mean whatever Trump and Barr says it means.

Two current law professors (Barbara McQuade and Joyce Vance) make an excellent case why Barr needs to be impeached. (See New York magazine article, here.)

They write, in part:

“During the Watergate scandal, we saw members of Congress put country over party to investigate President Richard Nixon and apply public pressure that resulted in his resignation. Republicans and Democrats joined to take action again in 2007 following the firing of nine U.S. Attorneys for politically motivated reasons during the George W. Bush administration, leading to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.”

“We like to think others will come forward to talk about what they have seen and what they know. But even if these whistleblowers stand alone, the rest of the country must see this for what it is, a violation of the principle that no one is above the law. Although many suggest the only option we have is to wait until November, this crisis is so significant that despite the political obstacles, it is time to bring this lawless administration to account. With sufficient public pressure, Barr could be forced to resign, just as Gonzales was.”

Thank you for your consideration.


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