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Impeachment Proceeding Aimed At Removing National Stain

September 24, 2019


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats behind closed doors that she is ready for the House to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family.

This is the only process that is acceptable for the sake of our republic. History demands accountability when it comes to the damage that Trump has unleashed with his disregard for laws and rules.

“It would be my intention with the consent of this caucus … to proceed with an impeachment inquiry,” she said, according to two Democratic sources in the room. “He is asking a foreign government to help him in his campaign, that is a betrayal of his oath of office.”

I have stated repeatedly that the future of this country is at stake.  We have an obligation as citizens to not allow this danger to our nation continuing in office.

Read historian Joesph Ellis’s work, in many volumes, as he breathes life back into the Founding Fathers. (I love his work!)  The Founders were concerned about the abuse a future president might heap upon the nation. They well understood the fragility of what they were attempting to create with a new government.  They grasped how such abuses could very well undermine the democratic process.  They knew that the ‘next’ election might not be soon enough to deal with a dangerous president and that our republic might need a faster remedy.

So they placed into the Constitution for such a need the power of impeachment.  In Trump’s case, what the Founders devised, hits both of their fears.  First, they wanted to make sure a president was not subverting the rule of law.  They also wanted to ensure that a president was not pursuing his own self-interest at the expense of the general welfare.

I have argued over time that uniting for impeachment is required based on Trump’s attempt to obstruct justice.  Multiple times.  Now there is even more harsh realities that we need to deal with.

About a week before Trump called Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25th to pressure him to investigate Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Trump withheld close to $400 million in aid to Ukraine.  And he didn’t release the money until September 11th, which just happened to be two days after Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson revealed to Congress that there was a credible and urgent whistleblower complaint involving Trump and Ukraine. What a coincidence!

It is time to act for a return to law and order, sanity in government, and the return to the normal fashion of how the government must operate and function.  It is time for the impeachment of Donald Trump and the removal of his family from the White House.  The national stain must be removed.

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