New Doty Land Podcast: Compassion On The Battlefield

This is my second podcast this week!

When a German soldier in WWII acts with compassion to save the lives of Americans what does that tell us about humanity?  Those types of acts of compassion on the battlefield are explored in an upcoming documentary.  Stephanie Manesis, director and producer of the film talks not only about the multi-year project but also how creativity has manifested itself in her life.  Podcaster Gregory Humphrey notes it is a joy to have such a great conversationalist to interview. 

The podcaster at work.
My happy spot.

My First Covid Shot, Thoughts Of WWI Boys In 1918 Pandemic

It has been a mighty long fifteen months as we have traveled the pandemic journey. But today there was real light at the end of the tunnel when James and I received our first vaccination shots. For the occasion, I wore one of my favorite T-shirts, one that made for smiles decades ago….and again today as it still fit! Months ago when the vaccine was starting to be available I knew exactly what I would wear when the needle met my arm.

The enormity of the pandemic, along with the scientific surge of research and discovery that allowed for the vaccines to be manufactured has not lost their power even as my desire to get vaccinated was in overdrive. It was my need to fully feel the moment that led me to ask a question when finally getting close to the shot being administered. I wanted to know something I could always recall about the woman who was holding the needle.

She always wanted to go into the world of medicine as her dad was a doctor. While sports medicine held much sway over her for years she finally decided to become a medical assistant. When I asked her if the pandemic seemed surreal she responded by saying such massive outbreaks can occur if not dealt with properly at the start. She nailed that one!

With that, she wheeled herself to my right arm and asked me what I was going to do the rest of the afternoon. I uttered about four words and got to the part of giving the title of the book I was reading when she informed me we were done. I truly did not feel it. Just like that, I had my first shot of Pfizer.

A few hours later as I type this post there is a slight soreness. But I feel psychologically different, a part of my being has caught up with the facts I had been reading for months. A part of the personal dread about the virus, and the impact it could have had on this home is already dimming.

As I got up and ready for today I thought of the boys from my hometown area (Hancock, WI)–the ones I have been reading and podcasting here and here a lot about lately–who fought in WWI during the 1918 pandemic. The local newspaper at the time, The Hancock News reported on the ones who died in Europe. They all did not die from a German bullet, but also from the influenza pandemic.

I strongly suspect if all the young men who left my hometown area for Europe had been able to remedy the influenza pandemic with a vaccine shot they would have quickly rolled up a sleeve. Perhaps even ripped off the sleeve and thrust their arm forward!

We live with so much technology along with the power of medicine and science. We have umteenth ways to become informed on the ways a vaccine is made and works once inside the body. Yet too many rebel about why they have ‘the right’ to not take the shot. We hear nonsense about ‘freedom’ and the weak-minded who try to equate not taking the vaccine to some principled stand rooted in our nation’s founding. Try to inform that group that George Washington believed in the science of his time and knew why inoculation for smallpox was vital.

As such I ask how would Edward Cutsforth respond to the naysayers and vaccine deniers that we hear about today?

The rejection of the vaccines must end. So please, if you have not received your vaccination, make an online appointment today.

Thank you.

“Hancock Boys Go To WWI” New Doty Land Podcast

With sentimental images of Hancock, Wisconsin, and many personal letters from hometown boys fighting in World War I, Gregory Humphrey brings the accounts from The Hancock News back to life.  With music from the era, along with ‘advertisements’ from L.S. Walker Company in Hancock, listeners will be transported back in time with this professionally produced podcast.  The letters from the boys bring their memories back to life. Listen to the podcast here.

You can hear Doty Land and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartradio, Spotify, Castro, and many other sites.

My New Doty Land Podcast: Larry King Tribute

My latest podcast is ‘on the air’. From my in-home studio on the Madison isthmus comes this episode about Larry King. I hope you enjoy it.

“Fond memories of Larry King, including podcaster Gregory Humphrey’s audio recording of a call to the late-night radio host, are included in this episode. In addition, the one interview broadcasters wished King had given about his decades behind the microphone. A most respectful tribute to a radio legend.”

When Not Blogging…..

During the past year and a half one of my greatest pleasures has been the hours spent working in my broadcast studio. Working in radio in my young adult years, in fact loving radio broadcasting my entire life, has added to the joy received from the studio on our third floor. Presently my podcast work is revolving around a tribute to radio legend Larry King. Granted, the world has thrown a number of curveballs over the past year, but it is essential that we locate our space to find needed calm and pleasure. This broadcasting work has grounded me, taken me back in time, and also pushed me forward. Seems perfectly timed for where life has placed me.

My Doty Land Podcast Makes Front Page Of Newspaper

I woke up to see an episode of my Doty Land podcast made the front page of my home-county newspaper. I was not expecting that to happen, and found a genuine smile came faster to my face than a desire to pour the first cup of coffee.

I truly enjoyed the time in production of this episode about the 1918 pandemic in Hancock, my hometown. The warmth I feel about broadcasting is why there is a studio in our home. The fond memories of my radio days in Sturgeon Bay, and the way radio played a most important role in my formative years are still very much alive within me. Being able to turn all that enthusiasm into podcasts and have a platform (Buzzsprout) along with listening apps from Apple, Google, and others have been a truly rewarding experience.

Decades back it all started when as a boy I ‘played radio’ using my father’s pocket watch for timing and a copy of the Stevens Point Journal for my copy…..

My Doty Land Podcast: Hancock News And 1918 Pandemic

As we live through a pandemic……here is a podcast that takes listeners back in time!

From the pages of The Hancock News podcaster Gregory Humphrey provides insight into how the 1918 pandemic impacted a small town in Waushara County. From ‘cures’ to accurate medical reporting, obituaries to brighter days following the virus outbreak, this podcast is also sprinkled with the music of the era.

Doty Land Podcasts To Be ‘Back On The Air’ From Madison Isthmus

My podcast, Doty Land, begins new episodes this fall. With a new season comes the second of the Parsons chairs for ‘the round table’, though with COVID interviews will be conducted virtually. That last part, is also why I took a break over the summer as I had hoped there would be a chance for again having my podcasts in person. Face-to-face is the best way to have a conversation, but like everything in life during this pandemic we adapt to the new norms.

I simply love the broadcasting experience, and life should be filled with smiles. So onwards with podcasts while being safe during this pandemic. I hope my readers will join in listening to some interesting conversations! I will soon be back ‘on the air.’